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Flash Games Affiliate Program Finding it tough to make money with your flash game or flash games portal? Looking to increase your advertising revenue? Need a flash game sponsorship? We can help you monetize your traffic so you can focus on making and promoting great games. Our flash games affiliate program cuts out the middle man (advertising networks) because we pay you directly for flash game traffic. Users love our site and we've optimized it to convert your traffic into cash for you and is a great way to make flash games money!


Monetize your flash games with the Fupa Games affiliate program. You can add sponsorship links into your flash games and use our splash screen or Fupa Bar to drive traffic to our site through our flash games affiliate program. If you have no website of your own or you can not find an upfront sponsor this is a great way to monetize that traffic. We have no term limits on how long you can earn money off of the traffic you send us from within your game. There is flash games money to be made here!

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Monetize your flash games portal with the Fupa Games affiliate program. You can add our affiliate links anywhere you would like on your website to drive traffic to Fupa.com and get paid! We provide all kinds of different sized banners to choose from including text links and we even provide rotating banners so they do not get stale. Simply add our affiliate banner go to our ad serving solution and away you go. There are no minimize site sizes or waiting lists on who can participate in our flash games affiliate program. Flash games money like this is a great way to augment your revenue.

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