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Fupa.com In Game Branding

Static Banner Links - Use this code to show a single static banner. The banner will be pulled from our server counting both the number of impressions and click throughs.
Name/Description: Fupa Splash Screen

Download the FLA and SWF version of the Fupa Splash screen for use within your game. You will need to enter your affiliate click URL (see Direct Click Code URL above) into the code for the FupaText button on Layer ClickLogo Frame 33 and Frame 61.

Download Fupa Splash FLA & SWF

Name/Description: Fupa Bar Branding

You can see a sample of the Fupa Bar in a 300x250 scene Flash movie below. The Fupa Bar auto sizes to the width of the scene in your Flash game. It is 30 pixels high so you should increase the height of your scene by 30 pixels. Import the Fupa Bar and place it at the bottom in the new 30 pixels. Drill down into the Fupa Bar movieclip and in the Code layer you will find the following code:

// Enter your affiliate ID here.
var AffiliateID = 1;

Change 1 to your Affiliate ID.

Download Fupa Bar FLA & SWF

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