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Flash Games Affiliate Program FAQ

Flash Games Affiliate Program

Do you accept international traffic?

Yes, however we only accept traffic from certain countries (mainly in the EU). We have a geotargeting tutorial where we instruct you on how you can send your other traffic somewhere else. Visit our Terms and Conditions to get a full list of countries we support.

How old is your affiliate program?

Our affiliate program has been around since 2009 and we have paid out tens of thousands of dollars to developers.

What conversion rate of clicks to gameplays am I going to see?

It really depends on the quality of the traffic you are sending us. You will see anywhere from 10% to 50% conversion depending on quality of the traffic.

What is the average click through rate from my flash game to your program?

The click through rate is entirely up to you. The more links you add to your game the more click throughs on the links you are going to receive. Some games may only see 1% CTR from their games if they only have one link that not many people can find in their game. Other games with more links, larger links, or well placed links can see 5% and even 10% or 20% CTR. The best thing you can to do increase your CTR is to test test test! Put links on the main screen, put links on your splash screen, put links on your game over screen, put links on your high score screen. Users are more than happy to click our links and discover more fun games!

What is a unique gameplay and a unique signup?

If a user clicks one of our links and comes to our site they have to visit about 3 pages before they will play a game. So a gameplay generally takes 3 pageviews and you will then receive credit for that unique gameplay. If the user visits a second game you will not receive additional credit. However, if the user signs up you will receive credit for the signup and the gameplay.

Can I combine your program with other ads?

Yes!. Combine our program with any other program like MochiAds and CPMStar and any other ad network or sponsorship program you like. Combine it with FOGDev too if you like.

Is the Fupa Flash Games Affiliate program better than a sponsorship?

Yes and no. With a sponsorship you receive all of your money up front. Even with a performance based sponsorship the sponsorship mainly pays you money up front and then money per click for a limited amount of months. Our affiliate program keeps paying you for all of the traffic that you send just like any other ad program. Think if our program as an unlimited performance based sponsorship without the up front payment.

What is the eCPM of your program?

It is entirely up to you on what eCPM you receive with our program. The more clicks and the higher quality the traffic the higher eCPM you would receive for your own gameplays. An estimated eCPM for our program at normal conversion rates and normal CTR might be between $0.40 and $0.80 eCPM.

What is the minimum payment of your program?

Minimum payment is $50. You can set it higher if like you.

What payment methods do you offer for your program?

We pay via PayPal. Wire transfer is available for large sums.

When do you make payments your program?

We pay NET 15-30 which means 15 to 30 days after the end of the month we send out payments.

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