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Geo-Target Your Traffic

Flash Games Affiliate Program

Step #1:

MaxMind provides a free geotargeting database for you to use. Download it here (more info).

Uncompress the GeoIP.dat file to your web server directory.

They have all kinds of different language files for accessing it available here. If you use PHP you can skip to the next step otherwise download the one that your web server uses and follow their instructions for setting it up.

Step #2:

We created a simple file which includes the MaxMind PHP file for accessing their GeoIP.dat. Download it here.

Uncompress the geotarget.zip file to your web server directory.

You should now have GeoIP.dat, geoip.inc, and games.php in your web server directory.

Step #3:

Edit games.php with a text editor. At the bottom of the file there is this code:

if ($in_country===false) {
	// change / below to your other traffic link
	header('Location: /');
} else {
	// change http://www.fupa.com/ below to your Fupa affiliate link
	header('Location: http://www.fupa.com/');
Change the first header('Location: ') to your other traffic link.

Change the second header('Location: ') to your Fupa affiliate link.

Save the file. You should now be able to send traffic to the games.php file on your web server and it will redirect the traffic appropriately.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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